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Is it true what they say about... in Luxembourg?

Impressive nature, rich diverse culture, outstanding cuisine, superb outdoor activities, and a bustling nightlife, are but a few reasons why Luxembourg is such an attractive tourist destination. Discover a unique and surprising country which offers visitors a fascinating mixture of history and modernity, urban landscapes and nature, activity and relaxation. Check out this video clip to get a first taste of the many astonishing facets the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has to offer. 

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The capital of one of the world’s smallest countries is a vibrant, dynamic city nestled within a romantic, peaceful countryside that gives it plenty of natural space to breathe. The city is a modern, open and friendly place that has embraced the opportunities of high-tech life without losing its soul. Home to a number of EU institutions, Luxembourg is a capital with a human dimension. It is an international hub – people from 150 different countries now call it home – where major global corporate names have come to take advantage of cutting-edge technological expertise. Luxembourg has twice been honored as European Capital of Culture and it buzzes with artistic creativity such as the music, dance and theatre performances. Its ancient fortresses, dating from the 9th century, still remain and are now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Boring, monotonous, unsophisticated and provincial? Think again. Rather than being just a city, Luxembourg is a country full of attractions and contrasts, where tradition and modernity coincide harmoniously. Technological and social innovation combined with fast and flexible responses are the key to the Grand Duchy’s advance on the international stage. 

This richly diverse country is often referred to as a microcosm of the European Union. As a founding member, it successfully unites multiculturalism and linguistic diversity with political stability and economic prosperity.

Come and discover the thriving capital and the surprising myriad of landscapes, cultural and sports opportunities as well as excellent food and open minded people. 

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Today the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is no longer reticent in disclosing a fact to the wider world, which twenty years ago was known only to a few well-informed connoisseurs: this is not only an exceptional place to live, but also a good place to enjoy wine. Wine which has been lovingly produced on the sunny slopes of the Moselle river for centuries. Based on great know-how and perfect maturity, the range of wines and sparkling wines are delighting an increasing number of people.

Have fun and come share the pleasure of taste.

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Luxembourg’s unique business framework has been key in attracting international groups for years. Making the most of EU opportunities, its regulatory context is one of the most attractive in the EU zone. In addition to a stable and competitive tax system, Luxembourg has developed a simple and responsive administrative environment, providing players with the flexibility that is essential in the globalised world.

Luxembourg is also a country with a great political stability. This along with the traditionally close relationship between business and authorities, assists the set-up of new business activities and plays a strong role in their ongoing success. Luxembourg’s central geographical location, its advanced transportation and impressive logistics and IT networks as well as its skilled and multilingual workforce have made the country a thriving business location.

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Don’t believe all the stories you hear about Luxembourg. Here you will discover a financial center that offers great business opportunities and fast and flexible responses to changing market situations, against a background of political and social stability. But there is more to discover than finance. Luxembourg is home not only to castles and banks, but also cultural treasures and great entertainment. Luxembourg is worth a trip, be it professional or private. You will meet open minded people that speak your language.

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Luxembourg owns a successful economy that has evolved from a monolithic steel industry to diversified services, state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing, cutting-edge production and modern craft. Through the cross-border thinking that has emanated from its openness to international exchange and its multilingual workforce, Luxembourg presents itself as a breeding ground for leading global companies to serve customers around the world.  

Due to its exceptional skill to regenerate over the last decades, Luxembourg prospers today from the talent of its people, their ability to innovate. Breadth of mind and innovation is what has brought the country forward allowing it to play a key role in the global league of pioneers. Luxembourg’s prosperity comes from within, building on its people and companies.

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Luxembourg is your gateway to the European market with more than 550 million consumers. Due to its political and social stability, skilled and multilingual workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructures, excellent connectivity to foreign markets, favorable legal environment and an attractive tax climate, Luxembourg offers an exceptional range of assets and opportunities for doing business.

On top of its renowned finance and service industry, Luxembourg has put emphasis on developing new sectors such as logistics, health and environmental technologies and continues investing in industries active in producing automotive components, materials and plastics.

Support is being granted for research, development and innovation related activities as key factors for ensuring competitiveness and success of today’s modern industries. Luxembourg offers an attractive environment for intellectual property management activities.

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Are you looking for an outstanding framework for your next congress, conference, seminar or business trip that combines state-of-the-art infrastructures and a great variety of cultural and leisure activities? Why not consider Luxembourg where competitive MICE facilities (MICE = Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) are highlighted by a vibrant urban lifestyle, sweeping forests, enchanting landscapes and picturesque historical sites all reachable within a few minutes.

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