Newsletter Nr 5

Dear Friends


Rush to your computers and register for our jubilee meeting!


Thanks to our never tired webmaster, the website is updated and online! Choose your language and click on the link on the right side! 


You know that the earlier you register the easier it is for the organisation. You will notice that we have also an early registration fee, because in pre paying the hotel we can get an additional discount.


Thanks to our sponsors, even though the meeting is a little bit longer, we have been able to keep the fee on a similar level as the year before.


If you have any additional wishes or travel with children, please let me know on and I will try to make it possible.


The preliminary schedule is here on the website, we have it in French and German, too.


I am sure you will enjoy our choice! 


Registrations are now open!



Lagonda Festival

14th Anniversary

 "Driving Force"